What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique address that identifies a website. People get to a website by typing the domain name into a web browser. The domain name translates complex numbers that computers use to communicate (known as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses) into a easy-to-remember address that points to your website.

If you wish to visit Google, you just type in www.Google.com into your browser, instead of it’s IP address. (Example

A domain name can also be used for email. Having an email address like  yourname@yoursite.com helps to establish your site’s identity and gives you a degree of credibility. It also looks and sounds professional when compared to using a free domain/webhost for email like Yahoo.

What are top-level domains?

Top level domains are the extension part of the domain name. The most common TLD’s are .com, .net, and .org but there are literally hundreds of other top level domains to choose from. .us, .tv, .mobi, .ws, .info, .help are just a few you could choose from.  Most experts recommend sticking with  .com, .net, or .org because that is what most people are familiar with. .Com is by far the most popular top level domain name. It’s what most people will enter automatically when typing in your domain name.

Choosing a Name for your Website

A good domain name is vitally important to your business. Ideally you want to use the name of your business as the domain name with .com at the end. If that’s not available try using abbreviations or initials. If it’s a new business you may want to select a domain name you like first and name your business that.

When choosing a domain name, try to keep the name short. You want a name that is easy to type and remember. Avoid using numbers, hyphenated-names, plural words ending with S. It’s a good idea to include keywords that pertain to your business in your domain name if possible.  Examples: PoolPrince.com, WineConsultant.com, AuctionVa.com

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If the domain name you want is already taken, you may be able to purchase it from the current owner. These are called premium domain names. This could be a great way to get the name you want. It may even already have been developed with people already visiting the site.

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